The Light Is Calling My Way


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Shakogun I was sad after Grim's goodbye. But Pulse's here to call my way.
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Pulse debut EP


released April 20, 2017

Recorded by Koenraad Foesters at Studio Jupiter //
Mixed by Taylor Young from The Pit Recording Studio //
Mastered by Audiosiege //



all rights reserved


PULSE La Verne, California

Vocals: Jeroen
Guitar: Laurent
Guitar: Lawrence
Bass: Ibn
Drums: Andy

EP Coming Soon!

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Track Name: Still Ringing Thru The Blackness
Reality doesnt impress me that much
Its the dreams that i have
That leave me a good touch

And yeah it sucks
That i dont have the luck
To find peace
(with the here and now)

My dreams full of joy But when i wake up
I got nothing
But dissapointments
I need to find a way to deal I want to heal

You know im talking that
Good thrill
The one that gets you up
Makes you wanna go out there
But these days i just cant seem
To find my ways

so baby can you help me Cope with the weight in My neck
Cuz i just cant seem to find What i lack

Feels like a gun in my back
I cant see what i lack
This pain hollowed me
Can you help me cope

Seems like im losing myself I just cant get deeper
Feels like im losing
I can see the reaper

He be staring me down
I cant run
Know i wont be breathing
With the morning sun Where have i begun b

Feels like a gun in my back
I can feel the reaper
Track Name: Blood Stains
Its coming closer
Finally im healing with myself
She helped me clear my way
both felt the weight
That has been dealt

All now that i cant see
Is the nail right hammered thru my chest
Make a falling to ones knees now
But im still trying
with whats left

Calvary just begun
Im leading the herd my way
Looking inside my tomb now


Blood inside my way
cant see the light of day
Im losing i decay
Strap up the noose
I moved too far away

It follows us closer
Theyre laying down
Nail me down on the cold freezing rails
Only black rain in my sight here

Blood stains

The paths been trickling down
I feel it pouring

The lights calling my way
Only blood dripping on my face

I fell under a spell
cant even look her right down in her eyes
All that we would be could be
now what we had
I’ll lose it

Whats life worth in the end?
Every night i conclude i see i just pretend
I fall in eternity
the bloodstains wont ever dissapear
Track Name: Forced Abandonment
Sanity lost
i cant
These sucked up feelings
I cant get it out of my head

Never i would have shed
In your arms
But i know its because it all
You abandonded me

Was it too fast when she got under
Choking on pills suicide
How the fuck could you have ever dealt
With the trauma that it caused me

The pain you know that you lost me
Guess i could never give you the blame
A depression out to eat your brain
Your lust for life
I’ts lost i know

Pale white there laying in your bed
Took your own life deep in the night
The morning they found you

You sucked the soul right out me
I lost a big part of myself
Compared to what i could been
I woulda rather been on your behalf
Set my foot on the shovel
Dont bother
Ill just dig it myself

Im so lost without you here
Im stuck
Imprisoned in my fears
Now throw the rope out for me
It wont be long for u to hold me

Death the only salvation
I want you now to end this pain